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No matter the project, if it involves sanding, grinding or polishing, you're in the right place!

Retail or Wholesale, we manufacture the largest variety of Silicon Carbide Sandpaper, Sanding Discs, Sandpaper Sheets, and Sanding Belts for every kind of handheld tool and heavy-duty equipment made. So whether you are sanding or polishing marble, granite, stone, metal, wood or glass, we have the sandpaper you need. If you have a hard-to-find size or need custom-size sandpaper made for you, we'll make it. And what's more, we have a fast turn-around time.

Quality You Can Always Count On for Every Project

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Sandpaper & Polishing Materials Made Right

Whether you need Silicon Carbide Waterproof Sandpaper, Heavy-Duty or Cloth-backed Sandpaper, Sanding Belts, or Sanding Discs, we make the strongest, most durable sandpaper & polishing products on the planet. Water & Heat resistant sandpaper backing that provides real durability under stress. Great for Light or Aggressive sanding & polishing on Marble, Granite, Stone, Metal, Wood, or Glass.

No Order Too Small or Large

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We Have Everything You Could Ever Need

Sandpaper is what we make. We are the direct manufacturer, and whether you need a few pieces of sandpaper to sand or polish a small marble, glass, metal, wood, or granite end table or require large quantities for your workman, you want to shop Apex Abrasives & Supply. Guaranteed low pricing and unmatched quality. We manufacture every grit sandpaper from 24 Grit to 2000 Grit. Sanding discs from 2 inches to 24 inches. Silicon Carbide Sanding Sheets Wet/Dry and we manufacture every size of Silicon Carbide Sanding Belts & Sanding Bands. And if you need a custom size for your project, we can make it.


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View Our Extensive Inventory of Sandpaper, Sanding Discs, Sandpaper Sheets, Sanding Belts & Accessories for Next Day Shipping. We Make Custom Grits & Sizes upon request.

Our sandpaper & polishing products are available in the following grits: 24 Grit, 36 Grit, 40 Grit, 60 Grit, 80 Grit, 100 Grit, 120 Grit, 180 Grit, 220 Grit, 240 Grit, 320 Grit, 400 Grit, 600 Grit, 800 Grit, 1000 Grit, 1200 Grit, and 2000 Grit.

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